The HPJ legacy began in 2013 with the advent of our popular online forum, Horsepower Junkies STL. There, we cover topics, such as Modular Mustangs, parts, and local racing, while welcoming realness and a bit of (tasteful) trash-talking from our audience. We used this platform to start advertising HPJ-sponsored events, like “Dyno Days” in area shops, which helped us develop a strong reputation in the car community.

This, combined with Michael Zacheis’s respected workmanship, Sam Salah’s extensive entrepreneurial background, and their passion for performance vehicles, allowed HPJ to finally open its doors for business in 2015. Since then, we have been proudly servicing performance vehicles belonging to people from all over the United States.

HPJ is a one-stop shop for taking your ride from mild to wild, and we are confident we can meet all of your parts and performance needs.