LFP Aluminum Idler Pulley


Price reflects 1 Pulley
Pulley's are Black Coated for Stealth Look.

LFP Aluminum Idler Pulley

Get rid of  your stock heavy stamped steel Idler Pullies and replace them with these CNC Machined Lightweight Free Moving Aluminum Pullies that feature the highest quality bearings to ensure long pulley life. Lightweight Idler drops rotating mass putting less drag and strain on your belt drive as well as dressing up your Engine with a nice Billet look. LFP Idler Pullies are Hard Coat Anodized for superior belt ware protection and makes for stronger belt contact on idler. Idler Pullies come in 90mm and 100mm sizes. Keep the look of stock with the 90mm Idlers or add the 100mm Idlers for more belt wrap on your blower reducing belt slip.Significantly reduces belt slip. Comes complete with all mounting hardware.

Collections: Pulleys

Type: Idler