LFP Billet Throwout Bearing Retainer Sleeve



LFP T-56 Throwout Bearing Retainer Sleeve
10 Times Stronger than any other TOB Sleeve on the market!

Our tube is machined from billet steel and heat treated. Complete with new, upgraded siliconized rubber input seal and O-ring.

This is a must have for all if you are doing a clutch swap. As most of us know one of the weak points in the 03-04 Cobra T-56 is the Thowout Bearing and its sleeve; most of the time the TOB will go bad and start making squeeking and squeeling noises. If the issue is not fixed in a practical amount of time the TOB will wear away at the TOB retainer sleeve and essentially snap it in half. This can be a expensive problem to fix if you're vehicle isn't covered by warranty anymore. So we have the solution. A High Quality 4340 Forged Steel TOB Retainer Sleeve. The Sleeve comes with a genuine Tremec transmission seal and O-Ring for a perfect fit. By installiing this piece you will boost the sturdiness and life of your transmission for sure.

Collections: Transmission

Type: Throwout/Pilot Bearing