LFP Quick-Change Pulley Kit -SVT S/C


Kits are all inclusive with high grade steel mounting Hub, which replaces your stock pulley. Steel Hub on steel blower shaft works best for proper heating/cooling, unlike the cheaper solid aluminum versions now being made available. Not to mention no damage will occur to your high grade steel Hub whenever removing it. Once your high grade steel Hub has been pressed on you can mount the 2.80" or the 2.93" light weight CNC machined billet pulley ring. These pulleys are created with a hollow back for proper balance of weight and proper heat dispensation.

**Proper installation and removal will require our LFP Pulley Puller Tool.

2003-2004 Mustang Cobra

  • Stock 3.65''
  • LFP Upper 2.93'' (Adds approx. 5psi)
  • LFP Upper 2.80'' (Adds approx. 6psi)
  • LFP Upper 2.70'' (Adds approx. 7psi)

2002-2003 SC Harley Davidson

  • Stock 3.25''
  • LFP Upper 2.93'' (Adds approx. 2psi)
  • LFP Upper 2.80'' (Adds approx. 3psi)
  • LFP Upper 2.70'' (Adds approx. 3.5psi)

1999-2004 Ford SVT Lightning

  • Stock 2.93''
  • LFP Upper 2.80'' (Adds approx. 1.25psi)
  • LFP Upper 2.70'' (Adds approx. 2psi)

Collections: Pulleys

Type: Blower Pulley