LFP Single Blade Throttle Body & Plenum - 03/04 Cobra


The new LFP Throttle Body and Power Inlet makes the 2003 Cobra really come alive. This combo adds approx. 18-25rwhp with throttle response being the main seat of the pants difference. The more air you can get into your blower at a faster rate = power, easier tunability, and a louder blower. This combo is a must if you looking to achieve every last bit of power. Dyno testing showed an increase of 10 horsepower by 2000 RPM, all the way up to 25 horsepower improvement at 6400 RPM. This is rear wheel horsepower! Torque also improved dramatically across the complete power range.

The "Big Oval" Throttle Body moves almost 1700 CFM and the new Power Inlet straightens out the airflow, allowing for the major increase in performance. The kit is a direct bolt-on, no modifications are needed. Youll definitely feel the difference on the street. Installation takes about a half hour and requires simple hand tools. We provide complete, illustrated installation instructions so, even if youve never done it before, you can install this product with complete confidence.

Kit Includes:

  • Single Blade Throttle Body
  • Induction Plenum specifically designed for Single Blade Configuration

Collections: Induction

Type: Throttle Body