Metco Motorsports 5-pc Idler Kit - 03/04 Cobra

Metco Motorsports

This convenient kit is offered to simplify the process of outfitting your supercharged Cobra with complete set of heavy-duty idler pulleys and the auxiliary idler bracket.  The kit includes our durable and proven Cobra auxiliary idler bracket with hardware, (1) pulley to mount on the bracket, and (3) billet idlers to replace those found on the factory supercharger drive.

The bracket is the same extreme-duty idler bracket listed under PN MCI-90 (shown elsewhere in this section), and the idlers are the precision-machined, hardcoat-anodized billet idlers with bearing covers (PN MIP-90 or MIPDBR90), also listed in this section.

This idler kit is offered with either single or double-bearing pulleys, and with two different mixes of 90mm and 100mm pulley sizes.  Please choose from the two options below.  

Each of the components in this kit are available separately, and are listed elsewhere in this section.

Note:  With regards to the double-bearing option:  Our double-bearing idler pulleys are used in both 8-rib and 10-rib applications, so these pulleys are 1.75" wide at the belt surface.  When used with the Cobra's 8-rib belt, there will be .25" of unused belt surface on the pulley, forward of where the belt rides.  This is mentioned for informational purposes only and there is no fitment issue with these pulleys in the Cobra application. 

Collections: Pulleys

Type: Idler