Metco Motorsports Billet 76mm Idler Pulley

Metco Motorsports


Like all Metco Motorsports idler pulleys, these pulleys are precision-machined from a single piece of billet and then hard-coat anodized on the belt surface and rear face.  A billet bearing cover with a stainless-steel socket head fastener is included.

The 6-rib version of this pulley is 1.0" wide at the belt surface, and the pulley offset is similar to what is used on the accessory drive in the Modular Ford application. This pulley can be used as a direct replacement for the smooth idler on the tensioner arm of many Modular engines.

The 8 and 10-rib versions of this pulley are machined with the same offset as is used on the supercharger drives of the Mustang Cobra, the Lightning truck, and the Shelby GT500.  The 8-rib pulley is 1.5" wide at the belt surface, and the 10-rib pulley is 1.75" wide.  The 10-rib version of this pulley is only available in the extreme-duty double-bearing configuration.  

These pulleys are offered in this size to accommodate custom installations, and it is up to the installer to verify proper fitment prior to ordering.

Collections: Pulleys

Type: Idler