Metco Motorsports Supercharger Pulley - 03/04 Cobra & 99-04 Lightning

Metco Motorsports

Replace the original 3.60" (Cobra) or 2.93" (Lightning) supercharger pulley with one of our overdrive pulleys to add boost to your Cobra or Lightning truck.  The kit includes one pulley hub machined from high-grade steel that presses onto the blower shaft, and a CNC-machined aluminum ring bolts to the steel hub using the supplied stainless steel fasteners.  This two-piece design makes subsequent pulley ring changes a snap.

The steel hub is re-usable (unlike aluminum one-piece blower pulleys), and is nickel-plated (not shown) for long lasting surface protection.  The aluminum ring is hard-coat anodized in black to resist surface wear and corrosion.  Pulley rings are available separately in several sizes, including 2.70", 2.80", 2.90", and 3.00".  Please make your selection below.    

Listed below are approximate boost gains that can be expected when installing these pulleys on a Mustang Cobra:

MUP2.70:  +5-6 lbs  MUP2.80:  +4-5 lbs  MUP2.90:  +3-4 lbs  MUP3.00:  +2-3 lbs

We recommend the use of our Auxiliary Idler Kit with these overdrive supercharger pulleys to maximize belt wrap and to minimize belt slippage.  These idler kits are available for the both the Cobra and the Lightning, and are listed elsewhere in this section.  

Please see the Belt Length Recommendations link on our home page for the proper belt lengths when using this pulley.

Kit includes (1) supercharger pulley hub, (1) supercharger pulley ring, and hub-to-ring fasteners.

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Type: Supercharger Pulley