SCT Big Air 2600/3000 Mass Air Meter - 03/04 Cobra


Every custom tuner has fought with MAF meters that arrive DOA, are calibrated incorrectly or peg at a certain HP level. SCT’s redesigned BIG-AIR Meters are the solution. Our 90mm BIG-AIR MAF Meters support up to 825RWHP, will NOT PEG and are direct replacements for all 2000+ Ford Lightning‘s & ‘03-’04 Cobra’s. SCT’s Big Air MAF Meters feature OEM Quality Calibration for factory driveability, repeated accuracy, and reliability.
SCT Big Air MAF Meter Models:
SCT BA-3000 90mm MAF Meter SCT BA-2600 90mm MAF Meter
• Supports 400rwhp - 725rwhp with Centrifical Blower Applications • Supports 400rwhp - 825rwhp with Roots Blower Applications
• Supports 400rwhp - 625rwhp with Centrifical Blower Applications • Supports 400rwhp - 700rwhp with Roots Blower Applications

Collections: Induction

Type: Mass Air Meter